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Where to find your fit at Freedom Centre.

prayer + praise

We would love to partner with you in prayer and hear how God is moving in your world.
Let us know what you’re believing for and what you’re celebrating at the links below.


We are a community of disciples wanting to be formed according to God’s design for our lives, rather than the default setting of the world we live in. Part of this design involves staying connected to the body of Christ – and that goes beyond a Sunday.

Groups are our midweek gatherings happening in homes across our local areas, that are vital to us being formed into the people God has called us to be.

Stay the course by staying connected.


We believe that we are all given gifts by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of building and serving Jesus’ Church.

Often we can find ourselves waiting on a moment when these gifts are activated within us. But more often than not, it’s on the journey of serving others that these gifts come alive.

Joining a Team is a great opportunity to allow God to breathe life into the gifts He has placed within you.

Weekly message

Couldn’t be with us this past weekend? Don’t fret! Stay-up-to-date and stream the latest life-giving message right here.