We are Generous. It’s one of the values we’re committed to live by. And rightly so, as giving presents us with three powerful opportunities that profoundly shape who we are, and how we relate to God.

We Honour God – We sacrifice that which we value, for that which we value more so. Giving is a way of honouring God’s infinite value and communicating to Him, His worth.

We Image God – God created all things with seed, for the purpose of multiplication. In giving, we are imaging our Father, planting the seed of our resources for the purpose of multiplying His Kingdom.

We Surrender our Heart – Giving is counter-cultural. In fact, Jesus tells us of spiritual authorities who seek our loyalty, using the storing up of riches as their device (Matthew 6:24). Every time we give, we take command over our heart and point it in God’s direction.

Thank you so much for your generosity, We’re believing God will abundantly return to you.

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