Getting Started

We’re so glad you’ve landed here!

If you’re new to Christianity, you’ve probably got a whole lot of questions – that’s normal. This hub is designed to help answer some of the things you might be asking.

We’re here to help you get started on your journey with Jesus and this space has been designed for that exact purpose.

the essentials

So you’ve just made the decision to follow Jesus? But what does this decision today mean for your tomorrow? And how can you begin to forge a friendship with God and allow Him to transform your life?

We’re curating a collection of videos which will help you take your first steps in your new life with Jesus.

COMING SOON – We’re working hard to get this space ready for you. Thanks for waiting!

It’s our mission to honour God first, to serve others and lead more people into the fulfilling life of following Jesus.

created for community

While God Himself is invisible, He often chooses to make Himself known through the physical presence of others. It’s for this very reason, we believe community is crucial to our walk with Jesus, and our personal transformation.

Groups are our way of fostering this transformative type of community. They are greenhouses in which the nature and character of Christ find root in our lives, as we exchange shallow connections with others for rich, life-giving friendships.

It’s here, in these weekly and bi-weekly gatherings in homes across our local areas that the real discipleship happens. Hand-in-hand with others.

Take the step into community, by joining a Group today.